How your countertop is made will affect the finished product installed in your kitchen.


How the sink is mounted to the stone, how the stone is sealed, how the seams are prepared and made affect the finished product. A company with a saw and a few hand tools will look like, but not compare to our finished product. They are selling price not quality. Be careful!

Hand Polishing is a choice of quality. The best possible polish is one that has no lines. It’s more expensive and labor intensive but we believe that it make the difference that lasts a life time. Many shops use wax to achieve a high shine. The problem with wax is that it doesn’t last and while it hides the lines, when the wax wears away you are left with a great price and not so great job. A hand polish is actually achieved by polishing the stone evenly and thoroughly and will last a lifetime.

Quality Control Inspection inspections takes place before the stone is even bought to our facility. Slabs are individually inspected upon arrival to our facility. Once slabs are on our premises the fabrication and manufacturing inspections take place though out our entire handling process. Again the stone is inspected for many parameters during installation and at post installation follow ups. Continuous improvement and customer feedback are continually introduced back into our manufacturing, sales, customer service and installation processes. You will be surveyed at the end of the installation for areas of our operations that you encountered and every single survey is read and cataloged for improvement implementation.

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